Foundation Trustees

Message from the Chair, Celeste Williams

The educators of Prince George’s County Public School System seek to enhance higher learning for graduating seniors.  We have requested the support from the educators, businesses and community to help us to meet our goals.  Our Foundation 501C3 will help us to build a legacy of support for scholarships for the youth.  We hope you will consider supporting the foundation by making a donation, which is tax exempt.

Each year we will have an annual event presenting our awards and acknowledging the success of graduating high school seniors who are pursuing higher education.

Thanks for investing in our County youth.

2019-2020  Foundation Trustees

Celeste Williams,

Janette Bell,
Vice Chair

Carol Kilby,

Lorraine Johnson,

Theresa Mitchell Dudley,

Yvonne Baicich,

Donna Christy,
PGCEA President

Jennifer Epps,
PGCEA Executive Director

LaShore Redmond

PGCEA Member

Annett Jones,
Minority Affair Co-Chair

PGCEA Board of Directors

Olive Lennox,
Minority Affairs Co-Chair

Laura Dinu,
Secretary and Web Chair